Advantages of Choosing Residential School For Your Child

Advantages of Choosing Residential School For Your Child

A child’s schooling and choosing residential school over others is among the prime concerns for parents. It is a hassle to decide which school would prove to be the best for a child. In the pursuit of performance, excellence and success we so often forget to take into consideration what kind of child we have? There are many factors which should be considered while choosing between a residential school or a boarding school. Many children cannot cope up with the pressures of a residential school due to their health issues or mental makeup. Sending such a child to a residential school can actually have an adverse effect on their personality.  Nevertheless, if your child isn’t plagued with such issues sending him or her to a residential school can actually lead to the blossoming of the personality.

Overall holistic development

Holistic Development


In a residential school like Saluja Gold International School, Giridh Jharkhand the student gets exposure to so many different things besides academics. Sports such as cricket, tennis, swimming, yoga classes drama and a wide array of other activities all are carried under one roof. So, for what parents in a residential school have to run, you get it all in one place. This also minimizes wastage of time and effort as students do not have to go from one class to another for any reason.

Bracing for the real world

Bracing for real world


A residential school prepares a child for the real world as everything he or she is supposed to do on own. They do not get much help from outside. Thus, they learn how to find their way out of problems and manage them. They learn life survival skills which are extremely important in the present day competitive world. Also, they themselves figure out their strengths and weaknesses and find out the way to manoeuvre their path through them. Such skills they can never learn in a day boarding as their parents are always at their beck and call to bail them out of tough situations.

Enforcing a sense of discipline

Developing sense of discipline

Residential schools infuse a heightened sense of discipline in a child. They get to know how to behave where and when a certain degree of decorum is expected out of them. Children get up early on time and follow routine activities as per a fixed schedule. This brings out the best in them and trains them towards a better future. Any child who has studied in a residential school definitely exhibits a certain edge. They also have a superior command over the English language as that is the medium of instruction and it is followed quite strictly. Boarding school students lead a regimented life. They have fixed study and meal timing which has been set to extract maximum output.

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All time access to school facilities

In a residential school, the students can use the resources of the school to hone themselves at all times. For instance, library access is available for a longer duration of time. It is helpful as students use their free time in much better pursuits. Also, gadgets are not allowed in residential schools. These gadgets are actually ruining the young generation so if you are able to keep students away from them it is actually a win-win situation for you.

Wrapping up

Hence,  there are clear advantages to sending your child to a boarding school. Over a period of time, it is observed that boarding school children demonstrate more confidence. While day boarding counterparts do everything on their own. They develop a certain degree of skill and expertise which other children take longer time to learn and develop.

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