Education Trends to Watch out for in the Coming Year

Education Trends to Watch out for in the Coming Year

Education Trends: Stagnancy can be detrimental for the growth of any sector and the education sector is no different. Currently, the education sector is always buzzing with lots of activity. There is forever something new coming up which is making a huge difference in how things work. There has been no area which is left untouched by the onslaught of technology. The impact of education on our lives is unparalleled. In fact, education leaves a big mark on how we lead our lives.

Educational Trends

Education Trends To Watch In Next Year –

In this article we will talk about some Education trends which are going to have a deep influence on education in the coming years:

1. The rise in the use of integrated learning solutions

Integrated learning solutions amalgamate the use of print books with hi-tech digital learning aids. It is anticipated that in coming years the penetration of integrated learning solution in regular schooling will increase tremendously. We are embracing technology like never before particularly in the urban centres. Even though the penetration of technology is in a big way, we are still to cash upon the benefits it offers due to factors such as infrastructure problems, connectivity, traditional mindset, etc.

integrated learning solutions

We basically require an educational model which is in congruence with our socio-economic landscape. It will take time before we fully do away with our ‘chalk and talk’ model of education. The goal of 100% digitization seems like a distant reality at the moment but we are slowly and steadily moving towards that path.

2. Embracing formative assessment solutions

The main aim of assessment solution is to gauge the level of expertise and skill of a candidate. A shift towards formative assessment solutions has been seen in the education sector. These formative assessment solutions determine the social as well as personal competencies of a learner. They are designed in a way that they determine the progress of a student together with curriculum delivery. Their biggest advantage is that they make sure that learning is making an impact.

Till now just routine assessment system was followed. This routine assessment system tests the basic recall of a learner and that too at the end of a term. But now formative assessments are fast making way. These assessments offer learners a more personalized feel of the results.

 rise in the use of regional languages

3. The rise in the use of regional languages

There has been a marked rise in the use of vernacular language in learning. As India is a nation of varied language, using just one language is ineffective in terms of reach. At the beginning of the year, Google announced that it will bolster seven new Indian languages via Google Translate.

An increase in regional publishing has been seen lately owing to demand from the vernacular leaders. This trend is here to exist and it will have deep influence on the education sector.

4.  Personalized Learning solutions

Personalized Learning has always been there but in coming years this trend is expected to grow exponentially due to the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence technologies and a remote exam and classrooms systems. These personalized education solutions cater to the diverse needs of individuals. Teachers can intervene at different stages of learning and the tailor the study plans accordingly.


Due to assistive technologies, students with any kind of learning disabilities can have access to a personal learning experience and move ahead with mainstream education.

5. Online learning solutions

Distance and physical presence are no longer barriers to learning. Sitting in the comfort of your home, students can have access to remote classrooms for learning all possible subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Languages, etc. Coaching for all competitive exams is available online. Students have access to 24/7 support for doubt clearing and help via these online study portals.

This trend of online classrooms is expected to grow big exponentially in the coming years. Especially in urban centres, we will see students pursuing learning through online classrooms.

Online learning solutions
Online learning solutions

6. Augmentation in demand for the professional expertise of teachers

In the past, it was important that teachers be just well-versed in their field of study. But, now there is an ever-growing need for the professional expertise of teachers. It is vital that teachers of today are cognizant of the latest competencies and skills, new age teaching pedagogies, etc.

This enhances the lateral thinking abilities of teachers. Initiatives related to teacher training have spurred up so that present-day educators become more and more proficient.


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