Freedom to Choose- Achilles’ Heel for Indian Students

Freedom to Choose- Achilles’ Heel for Indian Students

Indian students have always been burdened with what their families want them to do and what they wish to do in life. Freedom to pick up one’s academic path is even now a roadblock for most of the students as they are torn between passion to chase their dreams or look out for something worthwhile which will make them earn decent bucks. Also, in most of the cases, the students are not exposed to a wide array of avenues, so they themselves do not know as what they want.


When your academic choices get controlled by emotional factors, financial constraints, gender stereotyping and other factors, it is not a very good thing to happen. But, then how do we change all this? How can pursue your career of choice be aligned with suitable work opportunities? This lack of freedom to choose is not just limited to children studying in Govt schools but children from extremely well to do affluent families also face this huge predicament of making a choice. The children usually follow the directions provided by their parents, but their knowledge and thinking capacity can also be limited. So, in short, the starting point of change is the parents and their attitude.

Vest Faith and Trust in Your Children

Kids Knowledge

It is very important to place trust in your child’s choice. When you start believing in what your child what to do half the battle is won. It is hugely tough to crush opposition from people whom you love. These days in reality television shows we see children from even poor families getting support from their parents to pursue what they want. If you have heart and passion in something you will automatically find out your way.

Everyone is not cut out to become an engineer or a doctor. There are so many alternate career choices these days such as choreographer, musician, make-up artists etc. So even if you are not very good in academics you will still be able to find out a decent job for yourself. Show courage to bolster what your child wants and it will reap fruit for sure.

Perseverance is the Key


Nothing leads to fast results. If you feel success will be attained overnight if you get good grades, break this myth as fast as you can. In any kind of career, there is no shortcut to achievement. Every choice of career necessities inputs such as hard work and perseverance. You really have to give in your 100% to attain what you want. Just be practical if you force your child into something that he or she doesn’t like, giving up will come no sooner than you think.

Can the school help you?

The choice of school, really making a sea of difference in building the right mindset of both children and their parents. A school should aim at holistic development of a child rather than just focusing on academic grades. Some children excel in sports and other extra-curricular activities. A child needs to be exposed to an environment where every field of study should be given equally short shrift. Let the child fail trying but lets us not fail to respect his/ her choice. Childhood scars leave a deep impact on life. If a child feels that his wishes were thwarted, he will always be unsatisfied and an unhappy adult will actually spread discontent and discord around.


At Saluja Gold International School the students are exposed to technology-oriented, the real-world outlook of studies. Unique pedagogies are adapted to impart experiential learning processes to children so that they can make up their own mind as what they really want in life. The institution promotes sensitivity and regard towards each and every culture, specific individual need and differences. So, make the right choice and gift your child a bright future with Saluja Gold International School.

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