How Parenting Has Taken 360° Turn Over The Years

How Parenting Has Taken 360° Turn Over The Years

Do you motivate your child to make healthy choices in life? Do you make healthy choices yourself?

Every child is human and is deeply affected by the surroundings around him/her. They will normally act the way you are on a day to day basis.

Parenting is one thing which is very challenging in itself. It can be daunting to the extent of driving you crazy at times. The challenge of how to nurture or guide your child in the growing years is a tough task. It is very satisfying to see your child grow up to a healthy adult from an infant. Nevertheless, parenting is bliss. At times it can be extremely stressful as it takes hell lot of dedication and commitment.

Significance of Parenting


Parenting is a significant part of caring and love for children. It all depends on how much knowledge and intelligence you possess to bring up your child successfully. The style in which parents interrelate with their children directly affects their personal growth – their echelon of self-belief, confidence and their emotional well-being and how to deal assertively with the tests that confront them in their growing years.

But have you ever thought that how dissimilar the world that we dwell in today is to when we were a small child? Though we are thankful for all the positive alterations that we have experienced in the last 20+ years like more liberalism, exposure, we often wonder if we could embrace the simple pleasures of our past and make them a part of our today’s fast-paced tech-dominated world.

Keeping this in mind lets walk down the memory lane and think about the gigantic difference between today and when our parents were in full command:

Introduction to Technology-Resulting in distractions

When we were little our parents weren’t distracted by cell phones


Parents of today are busy surfing WhatsApp, Instagram, checking email, even during nursing or teaching their children. Earlier the parents were engaged with the children, playing board games or indulge in the outdoor games. Technology is a good thing but anything in excess is bad. The parents should devote more time with their children and motivate them for more outdoor and extra-curricular activities for better development and help them combat with the addiction of one-click access to gaming, YouTube videos, latest music and several other things.

Interaction with Friends and Siblings is Significant

In contemporary times children are losing touch with their siblings and friends and just love to be alone with their gadgets. They text them at regular intervals and this is what they feel is interaction for them. Earlier the families communicated sitting across the table at meal times and what used to follow was a healthy discussion. This is where the parents of today are lacking and they fail to create a connection. Parents need to encourage the children to have a knowledgable discussion, which will help them to grow as better individuals.

Earlier Children had Dreams


Before the advent of Smartphones, children had dreams and they used to dedicatedly work hard for them. They were ambitious and wanted to become Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers whereas the things have changed nowadays and they have shifting interests. This makes them Jack of all trades and master of none. The parents should train their children to stay focused, have goals and move in that direction. And to keep children focused and disciplined, we are also serving as the residential school in Jharkhand.

Saluja Gold International School – Working for the dreams of children

It has been observed that children coming from good background perform better in their academic careers. Positive parenting has a deep impact on the lives of children. Even Saluja Gold International is a home for young scholars. They leave no stone unturned for a prosperous future of the children as the dedicated management of the school believes in inculcating strong values and qualities so that children of today engage themselves in meaningful activities.



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