How Residential Stay Schools Prepare your Child for the Real World?

How Residential Stay Schools Prepare your Child for the Real World?

The dilemma whether to keep your child home or send him or her to a residential school has forever been a point of contention for the parents.  The main aim of every parent is that the child should be braced up for the real world scenario. The outside world is not easy and you really need plethora of skills to find your space.  Besides, earning skills you need emotional intelligence and resilience to find your way though problems in life. It has been observed that children from residential schools fare better than their day school counterparts.

Mentioned below are some of the things which only a residential school can teach?

  1. Finding your way out on your own

Residential Stay Schools

A boarding school teaches you to be independent mentally and physically. When you stay away from your parents you know that you will have to do things on your own. There is nobody to pamper or coddle you. A student has to be mentally strong to cope up with pressures at a residential school. Firstly, he or she has to adjust to the fact that residential school means staying away from the parents. For your smallest of needs you have to be capable of doing yourself. From laundry to eating to sleeping on time, fitness regime –A residential school teaches you to use your mind and do things accordingly. And once you get used to that kind of life it will continue even when you leave the school.

  1. Check of strength and power of mind

At a boarding school you are fully aware that if you do not complete your work on time there will be nobody to help you out. This ropes in a certain kind of self discipline where a child understands how to strike a balance between work and play. You have to set boundaries for yourself which you would do when there was no one to keep a tab on you.

Love for Learning

  1. Everything under one premises

When a child is in a day boarding school the parents keep running from one class to another so that the child gets maximum exposure. If a child is good in a particular sport you will make him join a particular sports club or if a child need some assistance in some subject you will make him go to a teacher. All these activities lead to immense wastage of time. However, in a residential school all such things are done under one campus so there is no wastage of time and effort. The child has to figure out on his/her own which area needs short shrift or what does he/ she like to indulge in and finds his way through things. A certain sense of maturity has been observed in residential school which is not present in day boarders who are dependent on their parents on lot of things.

  1. Development of inter-personal skills in a child

Working in an office requires you to deal with several people. There are people whom you do not like but you have to bear with. It is quite possible that you might get an arrogant boss. The same thing you face in a residential school where you are supposed to live with children coming from different kinds of homes and upbringing. You will have to adjust to them and find your comfort zone. There can be teachers who can be little strict but eventually the student will learn how to handle them and be comfortable.

Wrapping up:

So, for all such reasons it become important to send your child to a residential school as it will prepare him for things which happen in real life. It is very important to challenge your children or they develop a complacent and lazy attitude towards life. A residential school triggers a sense of responsibility in child. Basically, it is the school and the parents who have to work together for wholesome development of a child. But it has been seen that children take their parents for granted and might not pay heed to all their instructions.

On the other hand what all is told to them in school, they follow it to the hilt as following the teacher is somehow ingrained in their mind and psyche. Training the next generation is the joint effort of the parent and the educator. So, in short it is the residential schools which are bracing a child for how things are going to be for them in the real world. The real world is not a safe and protected place. You will face tough times and should have mental strength to get out of the same. The stress on the upcoming generation is more than what we think. The social media is making an invasion in our peaceful lifestyles and therefore it becomes all the more important that children are prepared well.

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