Killing The Hoopla Around Exams

Killing The Hoopla Around Exams

Come the months of February and March, and the exam fever seems to grip students all over the country. At times the pressure and strain just take over you and everything seems to fall out of place on the D- Day. So, now how do we handle the hoopla, the stress and the expectations which seem to be hovering like hell over the students? Competition levels at each grade of education have mounted significantly. As parents we want our children to excel in each examination, but have we ever thought about the turmoil which hits the young minds due to skyrocketing desires of the parents and education sector in general. Learning never ends and a student who stands first in the class might not be as successful in real life. So, let us not view exams as measurer of our intelligence but as a tool of our enrichment.

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Need To Change Mentality

As per facts, the highest rate of suicide has been observed in Indian students. This concept of “Who got the highest percentage” is promoting unhealthy competition among students and stressing them to take their own lives. The rat race mentality of Indian students and their parents is like a nail in the coffin as they cannot handle any kind of setback or lax in performance. This misplaced competitive spirit is the major contributor of stress as well as disappointment. The millennials’ are addicted to technology and this has led to falling in peer support.

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The Mindset in the Examination Hall

Most of the students these days do not come to the examination hall with the right mindset. These children are struck by the examination of fear and anxiety in a big way. This leads to stress as well as anxiousness and the students are not able to give their best. The best way to approach examination is with a calm mind. Exams are just a way how gauging how much you know and not a parameter of your skills and ability. The young minds are not prepared to multi-task and this over thinking perpetuates a feeling of being disheartened. When you stop thinking about grades and start focusing on how to improve your knowledge, you will automatically perform better.

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Nip Your Negative Thoughts in the Bud

Do not let the negative thought monster play havoc with your mind. When you start feeling that you cannot cope up with the revisions, or you will not get the expected grades, what will people say, how will I get admission to the college of my choice, all these questions and thoughts are definitely going to pull you down? So, just start on a positive note and leave your mind clutter- free. When you focus just on learning leaving the rest of the things as how they are you will feel more relaxed and confident. Keep one thing in mind- Exams are important but lots of people attain success in spite of not doing well in school exams. Talk out your fears and bottled down feeling as once you let everything out you might feel more in control.

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Build Your Self-Esteem

A school should aim at holistic development of a child. There are so many different aspects of a child who needs to nurtured and honed. The present education system is no longer about rote learning and booking knowledge. The realms of studies have crossed beyond just notebook knowledge.

Confidence by Being in the Right School

Saluja Gold International School is a world-class school where you will get an all-round development of your child’s personality. The school follows the path of TRUE Education where students are not burdened with unrealistic expectations. The students receive technology-oriented real-world outlook of education by means of unique pedagogies executing experiential forms of learning. So, go ahead choose the right school for your child as this will culminate him/ her in becoming a better and more successful individual.



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