Maintaining Sanctity of Learning

Maintaining Sanctity of Learning

Teaching is a noble profession. In fact, the success of any nation depends on young children, how they are brought up, their attitude and mindset etc. But now the catch here is the education system is no longer how it used to be. Schools and educational institute due to the proliferation of materialism have turned into profit-making machines. The children are treated as customers and efforts to foster a healthy student-teacher relationship are totally given a back seat. It is hugely vital that sanctity of learning is maintained so that future citizens of our country develop a selfless rather than a selfish approach towards life. A school should be akin to a temple of learning where children come to learn valuable lessons along with various skills of life.

Learning with all the Happiness

Is clearing the entrance exams the end goal?

We should not be training our children to look at entrance exams with fear and trepidation. They shouldn’t be your end goal and your life should not seem to come to an end if you are unable to crack these exams with flying colours. Once you learn with an open attitude, these exams are just a stepping stone towards the accomplishment of goals. Focus on learning and not the parameters which measure your level of expertise or intelligence.

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Holistic learning at Saluja Gold International School

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At Saluja Gold International School located at Giridh, Jharkhand the students are not trained for a robotic lifestyle. Rather, they follow a wholesome and enthusiastic approach to learning. The students are exposed to a real-world scenario where they go through a process of uninhibited learning. Technology is entwined in each and every aspect of learning but this inclusion of technology is to widen our horizons and not to clip the wings of our imagination. Balance is infused at every stage of learning rather than going on an overdrive.

Follow the experiential way of learning for best outcomes

Love for Learning

In order to offer the students a hands-on experience of learning just about everything, experiential form of learning should be followed so that students actually know what they are doing. This way they acquire skills, experience and knowledge which is not just confined to a classroom setting. Learning should actually lead to open outcomes rather than making an individual restricted to just marks or other performance-based criteria. Schools should not overemphasize on performance rather they should work towards overall personality honing of a child. This is what is going to have a positive impact on personality. Pedagogy should not put restrictions on either children or their parents. Parents should able to approach the school and the teachers for their help without being bowed down by thoughts what will anyone think?

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Role of Educators

Passion for Learn

Educators should design and come up with learning programs which are beyond the four walls of a regular classroom. Every child is different and needs to be dealt with differently. You cannot weigh everyone on the same criteria. This makes it all the more important to pay heed to learn and maintain its sanctity rather than just running after grades. The classroom should be just a means to connect with the student and keep him or her engaged rather than a den of terror where your ability is measured with the grades you score. The teachers should be able to look at children with an open eye. In fact, they should not have pressures of performance because when they’ll be free of any kind of strain or burden they’ll be able to help children attain their full potential and this is what has become the real need of the hour- maintain the sanctity of learning.

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