Propelling The Mindset Shift of Indian Parent- A Daunting Task

Propelling The Mindset Shift of Indian Parent- A Daunting Task

Studies, grades, marks- they should no longer be the main aim of going to a school. But, making Indian parents have a mindset shift isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many times they pressure children with thoughts that hobbies and sports are the domain of rich children and they really have to secure a safe job in order to surge ahead in life and this is only possible if they get goods marks. Any kind of non-academic activity is not welcomed as this takes away the study focus of a child. How unhealthy is this way of thinking?

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Just ponder for a minute….Is this kind of mindset even acceptable? Will your child have a holistic mind development with such closed thoughts being put in his mind? We all cannot top the class. We all can’t crack IITs and IIMs. Some are born to be dancers while some might excel in sports. So, it is not right to weigh all on the same scale. Extracurricular activities open the horizons of a child. It is like a medium for a child to know what he wants and what he or she likes. Only after dabbling in a wide array of things does a child understand what his / her true calling is. It is very important to give a child wings to fly rather than crushing his desires under the weight of your unrealistic expectations.

Aim of Education

The main aim of educating a child is to foster a process of his/ her all-round development. Schools should help build competent and knowledgeable citizens who hold high moral standards. They should be able to contribute to the growth and development of their family and society on the whole. Rather than propelling a narrow mindset which just revolves around getting marks and good grades, education should help in developing the potential of a student at the emotional, physical and spiritual level.

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At Saluja Gold International School a child is given exposure to a wide range of activities such as music, sports, performing arts, drama etc. The child can decide on what he or she likes and then plan on moving ahead in that trajectory. Get ready to explore the true meaning of educating the child.

Sports- Building a sense of belonging

It is very important to understand the importance of sports in life. Sports help to build a strong and positive mindset. When children take part in school sports, it builds in them a sense of belonging. They feel that they are a part of a group and this enables them to work as a team in future. What’s more, they understand how to interact with people with varying mindsets and attitudes in a friendly manner.

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In today’s world, the family structure is collapsing. Most of the parents did not opt for a single child due to pressures of lifestyle. A child does not know how to deal with others and share. Sports make you learn how to work together, share time and build emotional rapport. Also, there are so many children who like to pursue a career in sports. For them partaking sports at school level offers them much needed exposure. There are several English medium schools in Giridih Jharkhand which aim at holistic growth of your child.

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Saluja Gold International- Breaking Stereotype Thinking

Saluja Gold International School which is one of the best Boarding schools in Jharkhand the child is offered the experience of an extensive array of things. Attention is given to all aspects of learning and not just bookish knowledge. So, go ahead to make your child future ready by providing him technology backed real-world feel at Saluja Gold International School, a leading CBSE Board School in Giridih Jharkhand. They embark on an experiential form of learning by adopting unique pedagogies. Do not harp on the tune of marks and grades; provide your child with a healthy and congenial atmosphere towards all-round growth.



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