Our School is dedicated towards learning at school, therefore school follows "No Bag" policy and "No Homework" Policy upto Class 2 | English medium school in Jharkhand

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For excellence both in classroom and beyond gift your child an opportunity to study in Saluja Gold International School which is the best Residential School in Jharkhand. This well known English medium school in Jharkhand aims to train the students to be future ready and equipped. The students are exposed to experiential way of learning in order to keep them abreast with real world scenario. Saluja Gold International School is a CBSE Board School in Jharkhand which provides the most outstanding hostel facility. It has classes from Pre-Nursery till Grade 9.

This best boarding school in Jharkhand boasts of a lush green campus, thus providing children with healthy environment to foster their all round growth. There is a state of art modern library within the school premises which is equipped with books belonging to different genres enabling children to cultivate love for reading. The library has books from all well known publishers apart from the course books.


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Why we are the Best Residential School

The school encourages analytical and creative thinking so that children are trained not to depend on rote form of learning. Individualistic traits are harnessed along with ability to work in a team. This works best for the students as they progress ahead in a sound and right manner. Students are exposed to widest range of both indoor and outdoor games such as chess, cricket, volleyball, badminton, basketball and table tennis. The trained coaches` at the school endeavor to bring out the best in children. Sports inculcate healthy team spirit, rational thinking and an enhanced ability to perform in a child.

Safety Measures

Safety of wards is the prime concern at Saluja Gold International School. There is 24/7 CCTV surveillance of what all is done within the school premises in order to ensure that activities as well as movements of children and staff are within set norms. This corroborates tremendous safety and security of everyone who is inside the school environs.

School That Nurtures

Saluja Gold International School is a 21st Century CBSE School in Jharkhand which is recognized to offer modern, practical, flexible and ever evolving learning program to the children with the view to nourish unique traits in each and every student so that he/she can attain their maximum potential in a fully safe, well braced and an all-inclusive learning atmosphere. The school still remains rooted to tradition, culture and heritage as in process of moving ahead we must not forget our moral as well as ethical values. Saluja Gold International School in fact thrives on creating a perfect balance and accord between traditional values and contemporary approach to studies. All of this is executed at an affordable price so that parents aren`t weighed down with monetary constraints.


We are an international co- educational private school is located at H-114A, Motileda in Giridih, Jharkhand. Our beautiful campus has huge block dedicated completely to sport activities. There are separate KG Rooms which are bright and colorful in order to stimulate interest and curiosity of younger children. There is a music room which has all latest instruments so that students get exposure to different musical instruments and channelize their musical abilities as per their wish. This gateway of learning and knowledge is without any doubt a perfect choice for your child.

Affiliation Status

Saluja Gold International school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Affiliation No: 3430623, New Delhi. It offers education from Nursery to Grade XII along with day-cum-boarding school. Its lush green and vibrant campus spreads across 08 acres. We have created a small fraternity fostered by like-minded educators and educational thinkers who have a single point objective; to give children an environment in which they can flourish to their best of potential and achieve what they truly deserve and dream.

Norms for Fixing Fee

School fee is governed by the school fee policy and the guidelines given by state government. The school fee commensurate the facilities provided by the school. The school Fee regulation committee has been formed following the guidelines of the state government. The fee regulation committee meets every year and decides on the increment required in fee.

English medium school in Jharkhand

Green Campus

In this era of concrete dominance, we aim at making children live in a natural and healthy environment. Read More...

best boarding school in Jharkhand


The school has dedicated and separate residential facilities for girls and boys boys managed by Read More...

best boarding school in Jharkhand

Apple Education Program

There are over 65,000 apps available just for aiding education. We have virtual tours and videos. Read More...

CBSE School in Jharkhand

Science Lab

Equipped with the latest and the best lab instruments and equipments, this lab would give hands-on. Read More...

CBSE School in Jharkhand

Computer Lab

Equipped with desktops and with access to internet connectivity, the students learn various. Read More...

CBSE School in Jharkhand

Math Lab

Aided by and associated with the JodoGyan, our math lab is all about experiential learning. Read More...

CBSE School in Jharkhand

Language Lab

Aided by the NIIT, our lab makes learning an enriching experience for the students with the use. Read More...

CBSE School in Jharkhand

Robotics Lab

It’s an active space where knowledge, skills and innovation meet and the young innovators discover. Read More...

CBSE School in Jharkhand


The school boasts of a huge complex for various sports activity where we offer a range of indoor. Read More...

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Message From Management
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Sh. Amarjit Singh Saluja


शिक्षा का उद्देश्य है, युवाओं को खुद को जीवन भर शिक्षित करने के लिए तैयार करना" मैंने ये उद्धरण बहुत पहले इंटरनेट पे पढ़ा था। आज लग रहा है की ये कितना सटीक है। किसी के जीवन में शायद ही ऐसा कोई पल आता होगा जब वो आराम से बैठ के सोचता होगा की अब मेरे पास, इस दुनिया में सीखने के लिए कुछ नहीं बचा है, मुझे अब सब कुछ पता है, सब कुछ आता है। Read More

CBSE School in Jharkhand

Mr. Joraver Singh Saluja


Our school is an exquisite international school in Jharkhand. We are a happy, international learning community, flourishing in an extraordinary facility amidst the unique natural beauty of Giridih, Jharkhand. The warmth of this school is apparent the moment you walk through the doors, as is the energy. Read More