Green Campus

In this era of concrete dominance, we aim at making children live in a natural and healthy environment. The school has a lush green campus which is essential for a pollution free surrounding for the children.


Our state-of-the-art modern library has a huge collection of carefully chosen books to cultivate reading habits amongst students of all grades. There are contemporary books from quality publishers and not just course books. 

Medical Facility

We have a well-equipped Infirmary for basic medical emergencies with first aid facilities and a fulltime attendant with a doctor on call facility.

Safety and security

The school has 24/7 CCTV Surveillance, the activities and movements of the students on campus is monitored round the clock. Each and every member of the school staff and outsourced staff compulsorily identifies themselves with School RFID cards and Biometric impression before entering inside the campus building. 

Labs and Rooms Details

Room Number Size (length in mtr.) Size (Breadth in mtr.)
Maths Lab 01 08 06
Class Room 12 08 06
Composite Science Lab 01 11 06
Physics Lab 0 0 0
Chemistry Lab 0 0 0
Biology Lab 0 0 0
Computer Science Lab 01 17 06
Home Science Lab 0 0 0
Library 01 17.5 30
Other Rooms 01 25 10.5
Bio-Tech Lab 0 0 0

Physical Infrastructure:

Area of Campus
(in sq. Mtrs.) 24435
(in Acres.) 06
Built up Area in (in sq. Mtrs.) 5786.82
Whether the School at one site or two site 1
Area of Playground (in sq. Mtrs.) 5400

Sanitary Conditions:

Type of W.C and Urinals flush
No. of Urinals/Lavatories Separately for Boys 31
No. of Urinals/Lavatories Separately for Girls 12
Potable Water yes
Has Certificate about health and sanitary conditions, drinking water and fire safety of the school has been obtained from the competent authorities of the area? if yes attach copy of same yes


Library Facilities
Total No of Books 1567
Magazine 1
Dailies 6
Sports and Games
Swimming Pool yes
Indoor Games yes
Dance Rooms yes
Gymnasium no
Music Rooms yes
Hostel no
Health and Medical Check-up yes

No. of students classwise:

Class No. of Section No. of Students
Nursery/KG/LKG 3 63
I 2 48
II 1 39
III 1 33
IV 1 27
V 1 29
VI 1 22
VII 1 23