Our Pedagogical approach

1. Pre primary - (In between the age group of 3-6 years)

Teaching methodology

  • Free play, child led play
  • drawing, painting, dancing, singing, clay modeling
  • eye-hand coordination games and fine motor activities
  • Oral language drills
  • Picture charts, showing animals, birds, vegetables, fruits, flowers, insects and trees.
  • Age appropriate play material (toys)
  • Projector, computer, audio and video tapes or CD’s
  • Farms, bakery, market visits.


2. Primary / Elementary education - (In between the age group of 6-11 years)

Teaching methodology

  • Learning via iPads by Apple Education Program
  • Outbound Learning Programs
  • Smart classrooms and multimedia curriculum
  • Audio-visual aids and multimedia technology
  • Interactive mediums like E books, audio books, music and use of drama, shadow play
  • Interactive books on every subject and speeches, virtual tours and videos from experts and institutions around the world.


3. Secondary and Senior Secondary - (For children aged 12 years and above)

Teaching methodology

  • Career Assessment Tests with career counseling programs
  • Project based learning
  • Experiential learning through entrepreneurial and industrial visits
  • Community development program
  • Preparation for various competitive examinations including NTSE and Olympiads
  • Discussions on global issues through Model United Nations
  • Life skill programs that promote self management, Interpersonal and financial management.